ASMR playing with my braids (HAIR PLAY) 😴 ft. nana rambles

Prolly the last time I get braids like these cause I love me some traditional box braids and locs💅🏽 but my girl did her thang with the parting tho! Tell me what’s your least and favorite time of hair style on you or just in general 💛

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Here is three videos that I did dedicated for the ones that love it! #ASMR

◦ This video will help you sleep ASMR repeating my intro ( OVERLOAD OF TRIGGERS)

◦ These videos will make you sLeepy ASMR all my relaxing intros thus far | welcome back | tapping

◦ I bet You’ll fall asleep ASMR layered welcome back intro | tapping on nails sound |


Do you like the scratching on the mic intro as well?! I have a dedicated video just for that!

Like my nails? I did some ASMR videos dedicated to them!
Doing acrylic nails for the first time:

Cheap press on nails:

Invisible triggers:

If your reading this, you are beautiful and amazing just the way you are! Whether your pale, light skin, brown skin, dark skin or if you got straight hair, wavy, curly, or coily hair You are beautiful just like that. Cause God only made one you 💛✨ don’t let nobody tell you otherwise

My goal for my videos is to relax( and maybe make you laugh a lil😂)you guys through any thing you are going through. If you are going through something I want you to know I’m here. If you need to talk just holla atcho girl! I love you guys❣️❣️

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