HOW I GREW MY HAIR| Fast hair growth |4B Hair Type | From big Chop To This| Healthy and Thick hair

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I used to relax my hair but after a few years my hair was completely damaged.
December 2015 I decided to do a big chop.
I personally didn’t like the short hair so I didn’t take any picture of my hair throughout the growing process..
I braided it right after I cut it and bought my first wig.
I have been wearing wigs now for the past 3 years and also rocking my own hair from time to time.
I cut my dead ends every 6 months and i wash and deepcondition my hair every week.
Try to stay away from heat because it can damage your hair.
This product is amazing!! I didn’t use this product for 1 month and you could see a huge different my hair just grew didn’t grew fast..
Something that I can tell you is…less is more!
I Hope that this product Will also help you to grow your hair fast!🤗

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