TRADITIONAL CHEBE ROUTINE | Is It Really for Hair Growth?

Heyyyyy Beauties!!! I am always glad when you guys can join me for one of my Healthy Journey videos! You guys know I am always opened to trying new (natural) ways to help promote overall health and strength. I’ve heard about Chebe many times and finally got a chance t try out the powder. I want you guys to know this isn’t something I woke up one day wanting to try out, I’ve been researching (reading reviews, watching tutorials/documentaries on the people of Chad Republic). The beauty and pride the people have and love they put into this mixture made it extremely easy for me to want to try!
I am not doing this as a challenge, this is now part of my regimen. I will be doing it for the next 4 weeks straight, then I’ll take a break during my vacation, then I will return.

Products Used:

Camille Rose Penetrating Coconut Water Leave-in Conditioner
Camille Rose Kids Sundae Glaze Clementine Leave-in Conditioner
Organic Coconut Oil
Castor Oil
Avocado Oil
Vitamin E Oil
Grapeseed Oil

Chebe Powder – Sahel Cosmetics:

For more videos on the wonderful people in Chad or the Traditional Chebe routines please please visit Sahel’s youtube channel, she is amazing and put me on this ingredient!

About Me;

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Parents from Jamaica
Hair: Majority is High Porosity, crown and hairline is low porosity and super frizzy! The front curls are loose like an “S”, the hairline and back are tighter like bolt screws 😉 My hair is super fragile, it will break easy, I use a lot of natural products that have protein. I can never let my hair go dry or it will break.

My Hair Regimen 2018:

My Everyday Routine:

My Current 2018 products:



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